City of Las Vegas ARP Scholarship

Guardian Elite Medical Services is the recipient of $500,000.00 of grant funding from the City of Las Vegas to provide EMS training to qualified residents in the city of Las Vegas and additional select regions.   Through this program, prospective students can apply to have 100% of their tuition paid for to attend and receive educational certification for EMT training as well as additional funding available to those who qualify for NREMT testing costs as well as SNHD certifcation, testing and licensure costs to assist applicants with gaining employment in the EMS field. To qualify the applicant must meet household income requirements as well as residency requirements. If you have any questions regarding this scholarship opportunity, please email You can submit your application through our website, or pick up an application in person at 3570 E Flamingo Road Las Vegas NV 89121 during regular business hours.

The National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians will grant up to $1,000 to an individual seeking to obtain their Emergency Medical Technician certification.  Applications for the scholarship open March 1 and closes April 30 of each year with the scholarships being awarded in June.  To qualify for the scholarship, the applicant:

  • Must submit a complete and accurate application by the stated deadline.
  • Must submit a letter of request, in 1,000 words or less, that describes why he or she is pursuing educational scholarship, his or her educational and employment goals, and how the scholarship would be of benefit.
  • EMS scholarships are not awarded for course work already taken.
  • Scholarship payments are made directly to the educational institution. The institution must submit an invoice to NAEMT Foundation for payment.
  • Recipient must begin the educational program in the term for which the award is granted.
  • Recipient will fully complete the EMS program for which scholarship is awarded.  Recipient who withdraws or discontinues the educational program prior to completion for reasons within his or her control (i.e., dropping the course, academic dismissal for absences, etc.) must immediately refund scholarship funds. No refund will be required for recipient who is unable to continue in the EMS program for reasons beyond their control. Proof of reasons for program termination will be required.
  • Recipient must maintain passing grades and remain in good standing throughout the course of study. Recipient may be asked to submit grades each term prior to the next scholarship payment.
  • Recipient of EMS scholarships must seek certification by testing upon completion of their EMS educational program.
  • Recipient must provide follow-up information and respond to NAEMT Foundation requests pertaining to their education and career.
  • Recipient must sign a contract agreeing to these scholarship guidelines.

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The Folds of Honor scholarship program provides scholarships to families of military members and first responders.   Any spouse or child of a service member or first responder (police officer, firefighter, EMT, or Paramedic) can apply to receive funding for tuition at a private school or tutoring in grades K-12, technical/trade school, post graduate work, or a second bachelor’s degree.  Students can be awarded up to $2,500 and the money can be used towards tuition, fees, and textbooks.

For the 2023, scholarship application there are some important dates:

  • February 1 – Applications open online
  • March 31 – Applications are closed
  • July 15 – Scholarship award notifications are sent out
  • July 20 – Scholarship acceptance/Check in 1 opens
  • August 31 – Scholarship acceptance/Check in 1 deadline

Fields of Honor ensures that 91% of every dollar donated goes directly to its scholarship awards.  Over 44,000 scholarships have been awarded.  For more information on Folds of Honor Scholarships, go to

Platinum Education Group provides students entering the EMS, Nursing, and Allied Health fields assistance in their education.  These scholarships are intended for certificate programs or students in undergraduate degree programs.

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In a world rich with diverse cultures, traditions, and histories, Percy Martinez believes in the power of understanding and unity. The Percy Martinez Cultural Diversity Scholarship has been established to support students who are passionate about promoting cultural understanding and bridging divides.


Percy Martinez, with his vast experience in various fields, recognizes the importance of cultural awareness in today’s globalized world. This scholarship aims to support individuals who are dedicated to fostering unity, promoting cultural understanding, and celebrating the rich tapestry of global traditions.


Percy Martinez has always championed the cause of unity in diversity. His endeavors in Miami and beyond have consistently focused on bringing communities together, understanding different cultural nuances, and promoting harmony.


  • Amount: $5,000 – A significant boost to support your educational endeavors.


To be considered for the Percy Martinez Cultural Diversity Scholarship, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Educational Status: Whether you’re in High School, an Undergraduate, or a Graduate, this scholarship is open for you.
  • Engagement with Cultural Activities: Applicants should either:
    • Have volunteered or participated in cultural exchange programs.
    • Demonstrated a clear interest in promoting cultural understanding.
    • Organized or been part of events that celebrate diversity.
  • Recommendations: Two letters of recommendation are required. These can be from teachers, community leaders, or other professionals who can vouch for the applicant’s dedication to promoting cultural understanding and unity.


To be a part of this exciting opportunity, applicants need to:

  • Express Themselves: Choose between a video (3-4 minutes) or a short essay (400-600 words) to answer the following:How would you promote cultural understanding and unity in a diverse community? Share a personal experience or a project idea.

The scholarship will be awarded to the candidate with the most compelling, innovative, and impactful idea or experience.

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